Businesses And Retail Solutions

ezVOLTz™ is a scalable, smart platform that helps EV charging providers manage, control, optimize and monetize their EV infrastructure.

ezVOLTz™ provides a full life cycle for planning, deploying and managing your charging infrastructure. Our complete hardware installation solution is coupled with powerful backend software that performs all the data gathering, reporting, billing, and transaction processing providers need. Packaged with a white-label driver facing app, available on the iOS and Android platforms, we ensure a seamless driver experience.

Businesses and Retail Solutions

Boost sales and attract drivers to your business by installing EV chargers. ezVOLTz™ can manage and monetize your infrastructure, allowing you to own, control, and monetize your EV investments. Our solution optimizes EV infrastructure for hotels, retail locations and shopping centers, clubhouses and hospitality centers, auto dealerships, condos and apartment buildings, office buildings, parking operators, and more. Transform your location into an EV destination!

Customize an EV charging solution to match your business

your business gets a listing on EV navigation maps, like the ezVOLTz App, that draws them to your door.

Average dwell time increases as customers shop while waiting for their charge to complete. Increasing time translates into increasing purchases.

Bring customers in while they charge to take advantage of your services.

ezVOLTz™ provides a unique revenue share model that allows businesses to recoup their investments, typically within 12-24 months. Our ezCONNECT™ backend billing and management platform is flexible and customizable to fit into your ecosystem.

ezVOLTz™ software tracks availability and performs self-repair protocols to resolve issues before alerting maintenance teams. ezVOLTz chargers experience 97% uptime, creating positive impacts on drivers who have low tolerance for out-of-service hardware.

Increase loyalty with your EV charging stations. Customers will connect with businesses that provide a positive charging experience. Offer incentives and loyalty discounts to customers as you connect over EVs.

EV chargers draw people to your business who might not be aware of your services. Boost your brand visibility with our ezVOLTz™ solution.

ezVOLTz works with all standards-based charging station vendors providing a hardware agnostic best of breed approach. We’ll recommend and install the hardware that is the best fit for you.

ezVOLTz™ streamlines billing and management with our ezCONNECT software. Drivers experience seamless payment and you share in the profits.

The ezVOLTzTM Unique Revenue Share Model

Our ezVOLTz™ offering is an EV Charging Monetization and Management platform that enables organizations and enterprises to accelerate and participate in the EV Charging Revolution. Most players in the industry today are hardware-centric islands with their own proprietary application to manage and bill their charging infrastructure. ezVOLTz™ is turning that model upside-down by providing a standards-based management platform for organizations to manage and monetize their own charging infrastructure. ezVOLTz™ will install the right hardware for your location and manage, maintain the equipment, but you own and control your EV infrastructure. We provide billing and data services with our backend software, ezCONNECT™ and share the revenue with you each month, a unique service that allows states and local governments to recoup infrastructure outlay in as little as 12-24 months.