EV Hardware

We offer a hardware-agnostic platform able to work with all standards-based EV charging equipment. With our solution, you can own, manage, and monetize your own charging infrastructure.

EV Charger Roadmap

Our EV charger deployment strategy assesses location, optimal timing, how many, and what type (Level 2 or Level 3) of chargers to install. The resulting roadmap defines the timeline and requirements for successful public and commercial EV charger implementation.

Ensuring economic equality (economic justice) is a component of the roadmap since it is typically a requirement of federal or state grant funding.

Comprehensive monitoring system that continuously tracks the performance of our stations. Our backend software ezCONNECT allows us to view all chargers under our management and governance in real time.

Our backend software, ezCONNECT, works with embedded IoT devices and sensors to continuously monitor the condition and performance of the station to predict when parts are likely to fail based on current data trends. Our machine learning algorithms analyze data trends, detect anomalies, and predict potential failures or maintenance needs.

Activation options available through our mobile app include QR Codes, RFID cards, and Apple & Google wallet.

Our teams can quickly address and fix any reported issues.

We store critical spare parts for common issues to expedite repair times.

To address any issues that might arise outside of regular business hours.

We maintain detailed records of all maintenance activities, parts replaced, and issues found/resolved.

Project Rollout

ezVOLTz makes a complex hardware installation easy for you