Our Management Software

ezCONNECT™ effortlessly connects, manages, and monetizes your EV charging system with carbon credit management, smart analytics reporting, dynamic load balancing, and integrated billing.

About ezCONNECT™

ezCONNECT™ is an EV Charging Monetization and Management Platform that enables organizations and enterprises to join a powerful EV charging network of networks, a charge point agnostic, cloud-based, and optimized billing solution. Our ability to manage charging capacity, administer carbon credits, schedule resources, provide dynamic load adaption, and share revenue provides a unique capability to optimize your charging resources. It’s a powerful platform when combined with our free driver-facing ezVOLTz™ app that offers a directory of ALL charging options nationwide. We’re planning a future where EVs can go anywhere and everywhere.

How ezCONNECT works

ezCONNECT, our Smart Charging Management System, continuously communicates with various entities such as the grid, the charger, the EV, and central control centers.

  • This allows us to gather real-time data on energy demand, grid conditions, and user preferences.
  • It analyzes the data, including EV battery status, electricity prices, and other relevant factors.
  • ezCONNECT can deploy advanced algorithms to predict future demands and to make decisions accordingly.
  •  It can send control signals to the charger to modulate the charging process according to the optimal strategy determined.
  • This could involve adjusting the charging rate, pausing/resuming charging, or even stopping it altogether.
  • ezCONNECT brings intelligence and adaptability to the charging process, ensuring that EVs are charged efficiently while considering the broader energy ecosystem’s health and sustainability.

 ezCONNECT incorporates communication, control, and data analysis capabilities to intelligently charge EVs while considering grid constraints, renewable energy integration, and user preferences.

ezCONNECT works by aligning EV charging demands with grid capabilities.

ezCONNECT intelligently decides optimum charging times based on electricity prices and adjusts pricing accordingly.

Prioritizes charging during periods when renewable generation is high.

ezCONNECT can be programmed to prioritize charging in areas with limited charging infrastructure for vehicles that need it the most.

ezCONNECT can manage energy storage and release, further optimizing energy use.

We prevent cyberattacks by monitoring our network and user access with our multifactor authentication from Okta to thwart AWS MITM attacks, IP spoofing and unauthorized Port Scanning.

Charging stations are accessible remotely and are typically connected to the internet by an embedded mobile connection

You Own It

ezVOLTz will tailor a complete turnkey offering that we install, and you own.

You Control It

Working with ezVOLTz, you determine how much you charge for each user group.

You Monetize It

The ezVOLTz revenue share model allows you to recoup infrastructure outlay in as little as 12-24 months.

We Manage It

The ezVOLTz platform provides complete end-to-end management & support.


Our backend Billing and Management platform collects and analyzes data for optimum pricing

We Write You a Check

At the end of the month, we send payment.