State and Local Governments

ezVOLTz™ is a scalable, smart platform that helps EV charging providers manage, control, optimize and monetize their EV infrastructure.

ezVOLTz™ provides a full life cycle for planning, deploying and managing your charging infrastructure. Our complete hardware installation solution is coupled with powerful backend software that performs all the data gathering, reporting, billing, and transaction processing providers need. Packaged with a white-label driver facing app, available on the iOS and Android platforms, we ensure a seamless driver experience.

State and Local Governments

ezVOLTz™ provides EV governance and management for states, cities and local governments to maximize their infrastructure performance and efficiency by optimizing transit and fleet charging, expanding and connecting public chargers, providing zero footprint options for curb and public garage charging, and creating a profitable revenue stream that can be reinvested back into the community.

As cities, states and local governments lead the charge to increase EV adoption across the country, ezVOLTz™ provides the platform they need to own, control, manage and monetize their EV infrastructure.

Generate carbon credits with lower emission EVs and source electricity from renewable energy projects or less carbon-intensive fuels.

Convert existing street parking meters or light poles to Smart Curb Chargers and connect and control hardware for zero footprint conversions. 

ezVOLTz™ provides the ability to set pricing levels for different demographic groups or employee roles.

ezVOLTz™ works with all standards-based charging station vendors providing a hardware agnostic best of breed approach. We’ll recommend and install the hardware that is the best fit for you.

We will manage the deployment and conversion of transit systems to zero-emission vehicles, making the system convenient, accessible and equitable.

ezVOLTz provides full life-cycle management for EV infrastructure, from site selection, engineering, electrical and maintenance, plus a 24-hour help desk.

Electrify your fleets while keeping track of charging levels and usage. Track energy consumption and utilization rates. ezCONNECT™ allows charging for drivers in a variety of situations; in depot, on the road, at public charging stations, or at home.

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 ezVOLTz™ provides valuable insight for usage, maintenance, uptime, energy consumption and driver patterns with comprehensive data analytics, smart dashboard, and customizable interfaces.

Forge positive relationships with our white-label driver facing navigation app. The app provides valuable information like charger location and availability, pricing levels, and trip navigation.

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ezVOLTz™ provides a unique revenue share model that allows businesses to recoup infrastructure outlay, typically within 12-24 months. Our ezCONNECTTM backend billing and management platform is flexible and customizable to fit into your ecosystem.

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ezVOLTz offers retractable ceiling mount, meter conversion, or wall mount chargers for parking garages. Add revenue-generating EV chargers to public parking garages – our unique revenue share model allows states and local governments to recoup infrastructure outlay in as little as 12-24 months

The ezVOLTzTM Unique Revenue Share Model

Our ezVOLTz™ offering is an EV Charging Monetization and Management platform that enables organizations and enterprises to accelerate and participate in the EV Charging Revolution. Most players in the industry today are hardware-centric islands with their own proprietary application to manage and bill their charging infrastructure. ezVOLTz™ is turning that model upside-down by providing a standards-based management platform for organizations to manage and monetize their own charging infrastructure. ezVOLTz™ will install the right hardware for your location and manage, maintain the equipment, but you own and control your EV infrastructure. We provide billing and data services with our backend software, ezCONNECT™ and share the revenue with you each month, a unique service that allows states and local governments to recoup infrastructure outlay in as little as 12-24 months.